Shake it Up with Happiness Hacks

1. DANCE your way to Happiness!!

Did you know that the more small moments you look to celebrate, the more joy and happiness you bring into your life and the lives of others? Practice a happy dance with your kids, students, co-workers and/or family. Turn on a fun song and just dance – Make memories that will keep you smiling forever!

2. Does smiling more directly increase happiness?

Smiling actually has the ability to make you and others around you a lot happier. It increases mood-enhancing hormones and decreases stress-inducing hormones..not only are you becoming healthier, you’re also happier! Build your happiness by smiling more. Take a “happiness selfie” or share a smile with a friend. You never know how one smile can change the trajectory of a persons day.

3. Amy Cuddy “Power Pose” – Have you tried one?

Feeling lost? Depressed? Not ready to take on the day? Psychologist Amy Cuddy believes that a persons confidence and overall wellbeing can help you be more successful in life. What does she do that’s different from everyone else? She starts off her day with a “Power Pose!” Pose as your favorite superhero, yoga position or whatever leaves you feeling empowered to take on the day. Start off a business meeting, school day or morning ritual by standing up straight, shoulders back and game face on. This form of confidence increases the number of positive thoughts and memories, reduces stress, improves ones mood and lead and make tough decision. Discover your power pose today!